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What is Mantrailing?
Mantrailing is the term we use to describe the process of a dog following the scent of a person to find their location.
Every person has a unique scent and this scent is continually shed from the body as tiny particles , the dogs super sensitive nose can detect and identify this individual scent and with training can use this information to detect the direction the person has travelled and follow their scent trail to find the individual. 
This amazing skill can be used to locate and rescue missing or lost people and is used all over the world by the police, military and rescue services to save lives.
Why Mantrailing?
The seeking system is a very important instinctual-emotional system in the dogs brain, despite thousands of years of domestication our dogs retain their primary instincts, hard-wired behaviours we need to cater for to enable our dogs to live happy and fulfilled lives.  
Mantrailing can help enormously eliminate undesirable behaviours, when used as part of a development program for your dog, giving your dog an engaging activity where he/she can use their natural instincts and abilities and work together with you as a successful team. 
What is needed?
Expensive equipment is not necessary to get started, all that is required is; 
Correctly fitting harness, I recommend the Julius K9, but as long as the harness does not interfere with the dogs neck/breathing, it will be ok to begin with. 
A long line of at least 10 metres, there are many different types on the market, but a simple cotton line will get you started.
A normal flat collar and short lead, the normal collar and lead you use for your training is all you need.
What do you need to know?
No previous knowledge is needed!
I will take you through all the elements from the basics of line handling, correctly fitting your dogs harness and taking scent, to working trails with your dog and giving the correct reward. 
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